EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Are you a movie fanatic? Because a new movie is in the works in Las Cruces. Director, Michael Oblowitz, gave KTSM a tour of the movie set ‘The Informant’ starring Mel Gibson.

The crew began filming on Monday at the Dona Ana County courthouse, which has a vacant prison inside of it. 

The Informant film is about a narcotic cop who is terminally ill and with the help of his partner and his informant they fake his death to help his family with financial struggles. 

The producer of the film, Daniel Cummings says this is his fourth film in the past two years since he moved to Las Cruces.

“The Courthouse here I know, Jonathan Sepp had suggested as a possible location and when we saw the pictures. They matched our reference photos almost identical and so it was really appealing because that meant that we didn’t have too much of a burden on our art department  and to recreate something. We just had to enhance it to be true to the story but  it was already  halfway there,” Cummings said.

Johnathan Sepp works for the non-profit organization film las cruces and is the film liaison for the city of las cruces and Dona Ana county.  he says this is one of the go-to locations for movie makers.

“So it’s something where people work a little harder if they’re from the community because they want to see films thrive here. So they put more pride in film considering El Paso and Las Cruces but they also wanted to come back and they want to have homes and careers while sleeping in their own beds instead of a hotel or somewhere else,” Cummings said. 

Cummings tells KTSM, back in 2019, he came for a project from Los Angeles to Albuquerque and realized how much opportunity there is in film in New Mexico. 

“The film that I am working on right now it’s titled The Informant and it’s based on 1990s police department in the movie seven or other works like that, a greedier look of the 80s and 90s and police dramas.”

Since Monday the crew started filming in downtown Las Cruces, Apodaca Park Baseball Field and at a house.   

 Cummings says for any productions that want to film in the area, Sepp is the one to call. 

“I can call Jonathan and say “Hey I am looking for this” and he can tell me not just the name in the business but the business owner and his name and phone number of someone who has something that we are looking for and that’s not something you get in other communities.”.

Sepp says, the number of television shows and films shot in New Mexico has boomed over the last year with 2.6 million dollars directly spent in las cruces and Dona Ana County back in 2019. as for the fiscal year 2022, it was at 7.9 million dollars. 

“And one of my favorite increases in production activity relates to the amount of worker days. Taking a look at the same fiscal year, there were about 1982 worker days physically 2022 there were 10,429 worker days for our local residents in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County.” 

Adding that, New Mexico is the hot spot for movie makers such as the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area where a lot of productions have been made. 

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