EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As the “March Madness” NCAA basketball tournament rounds out its first weekend and with St. Patrick’s Day come and gone, El Paso bars are getting a boost in customers.

Moon Tower Sports Bar,  3233 N. Mesa St., Suite 301, is one of those establishments and as a fairly new bar in the Borderland, they welcomed the boost.

Owners bring in more staff, both on the floor and in the kitchen, to make the food and make sure service is up to the standard they want and ensure top service. While already well stocked in inventory, extra items are ordered to make sure they have enough to last.

“It goes from almost being able to walk in here, to shoulder to shoulder. There’s a bunch of people in here, but it’s always a good environment. Everybody is happy. Everyone is doing their job. You know everyone does their part and the day goes by smoothly,” said Justin Jennings, a cook at Moon Tower Sports Bar.

As a business that has not been open long, these kinds of events are a great way to promote themselves and present their concept to customers who are just discovering them.

“This is our first March Madness, but I’ve seen the last week a lot of new faces come in so it’s a good time for the bar industry,” said Ricardo Marin, owner of Moon Tower Sports Bar

While the Moon Tower staff understand that patrons are there to enjoy themselves and the games, they need to make sure everyone does so respectfully.

“We just want everyone to have fun but just remember it’s an establishment so just be respectful and nice to everyone,” said Arlette Pinales, a bartender at Moon Tower.