EL PASO, TX (KTSM)- Incumbent Carl L. Robinson and Sergio Coronado are looking ahead to Tuesday’s runoff as this is the final step towards who will take the seat as County Commissioner of Precinct 4.

Coronado claims that because Robinson missed multiple meetings during his tenure he is not committed to his position. Robinson counters, saying that there were extenuating circumstances and that if he was not present in person, he was still available either via phone or zoom

People of El Paso understand the message that they want somebody in this position that’s going to be engaged. Who’s going to show up to represent them? Mr. Robinson? Frankly, 30 meetings in his first three years, it’s his first term in office.

Sergio Coronado, candidate

The information that I have received from the other individuals who are opposing me saying that I missed 40 meetings, that’s 7 months, who does that? I couldn’t live with myself if I can’t do the job, I can’t fulfill the obligation, I walk away I quit I know what I sign up for I fulfill my obligation of being present.

Carl Robinson, candidate

Coronado also accuses Robinson of not aligning his values with the people of El Paso but Robinson claims that is far from the truth

“You know, one of the things that, I think Mr. Robinson, that I don’t think his values align with El Paso. When he was on city council, he voted against LGBTIQQ rights, and the people of El Paso are very accepting, very welcoming. I love my community, I love El Paso but frankly, I don’t think his values, when it comes to it, align with the values of El Pasoans,” said Coronado.

“That’s totally untrue once again I wish that we would all check your facts I never voted against anyone’s rights never and that’s a matter of record don’t go by what I say go check the record I did not vote LGBTIQQ rights,” said Robinson.

Both candidates agree that pct is a unique district that covers different areas of El Paso. Robinson says he does what is needed to make sure both areas feel like he is there for them but Coronado believes it is time for a change.

“I live in this part of town the northeast I’m familiar with it so I get in my vehicle or have someone take me across the mountain Anthony Vinton Canutillo wherever its needed,” said Robinson.

“I don’t think we’ve had a county commissioner from the west side in probably over 30 years and the people of the west side feel neglected and right now the people of the northeast feel neglected because they are not receiving the representation that they deserve,” said Coronado.

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