EL PASO, Texas (KSTM) – Football season is in full swing in the Borderland and a local doctor wants to give tips on how to keep kids safe on the field.

Dr. Chenai Nettey, from the Texas Tech Physicians in El Paso, wants to give athletes and their parents the information they need to keep them safe, saying it goes beyond physical injuries.

One preventative measure Dr. Nettey emphasizes — stretching before and after a game not only helps warm up the muscles but also helps identify an injury that may not have been known and is actually causing more harm.

Another important measure to is to understand helmet safety for more reasons than just preventing, concussions, according to Dr. Nettey.

“You would assume helmet safety is important for concussions but it’s actually not. Safety and play is more important for concussions. Helmet safety is more important for lacerations, skull fractures, that kind of thing. When you’re hitting the ground or hitting another player, your brain can still move and that can cause some trauma to your brain.”

Dr. Nettey wants those involved to keep in touch with their physician throughout the year. She says it is to help the doctor understand how to treat a patient if they do end up injured.

“If they just had an injury, at least we can direct them to where they need to go. Sometimes, it’s either our clinic or sometimes they need to be seen by their primary care doctors. We see some kids who don’t actually have doctors so just trying to figure out the kind of medical care they can get before they get any kind of injury so were trying to prevent it but we’re also trying to make sure that there’s nothing that we’re missing in some of these athletes.”

Some coaches we spoke with Tuesday say that every year they are required to get a tackling certification where every coach needs to get certified on best practices.

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