EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As gun violence again tops the headlines in the wake of Uvalde, a local expert goes in depth on why and how people can be educated when purchasing a gun. 

Sportsman’s Elite store director Richard Garcia says in the state of Texas, once an individual turns 18, they can start purchasing long guns, shotguns, rifles and at the age of 21, they can purchase hand pistols, pistol grip shotguns, and receivers. 

Although firearms have been a major issue over the past years, Garcia says, an individual needs to educate themselves and realize it’s a huge responsibility owning a gun. 

“God forbids somebody to break into your house, and they steal it from you, because you left it unsecure or a family member gains access to it and does something that is neglentic [sic] with it,” Garcia said.

When it comes to purchasing a gun, an individual will have to fill out a governmental form called the 44-73, which has the individual answer personal questions. One most important is mental issues.

“There are a lot of disqualifying questions depending on how the individual answers. That may stop the sale at that point and time. Otherwise if everything on the form is filled out the way it needs to get moved to the next process. Then we move to the actual background check That is done by the FBI,” Garcia said.

Garcia tells KTSM there have been times when a future buyer sees that they have to fill out the form and they decide to no longer want to purchase the gun and instead walk out.  

“As much as we would love to legislate evil out of the hearts of people. I think it’s something well maybe we need to start looking at the individuals. The mental health situation and addressing it from that point…” Garcia said. 

According to Garcia, if the individual is ready for the responsibility. Then he encourages them to take the classes, but if buying the gun is to prevent things from happening, he adds the buyer needs to look closer on what it takes to own a gun.

For more information on gun control in Texas click here.

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