Local allergy experts share advice on how to treat symptoms as dusty, windy conditions pick up


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — It’s that time of the year when many people deal with spring allergies. As windy weather conditions continue, allergy symptoms can kick up more often.

Local health experts say it’s important to treat your allergies in a safe way.

Throughout Tuesday, you could see brown skies, hazy, and dusty visibility throughout the Sun City. Local allergy experts say wearing our masks can help add another filter against the dust but recommend people take caution in how they’re treating their allergies.

“Usually the beginning of March through April we see patients because the tree’s are going up, the grass pollen will start picking up soon as we’ve gotten warmer so more people are suffering through that,” said Tonia Heck, Physician Assistant at Southwest Allergy and Asthma Associates.

Local allergy experts say trees add to a flare up in allergy symptoms at they start to grow during Spring.

“If we wear the mask, like we have with COVID right now, that’s at least a filter. So it’ll block some of what your nose is inhaling,” Heck shared.

There are some other alternatives to keep in mind that can help clear congestion.

“Other people we also recommend they do nasal saline rinses after they’re outside to at least flush out what’s been trapped by the mucus which is the protective mechanism that we have,” Heck explained.

Many people buy over-the-counter products to relieve allergies, Heck added. However, it’s best to avoid using multiple products that can cause harm to your health, and instead get a specialized treatment from professionals.

“There’s different medicines that even though they’re over the counter, they can affect your blood pressure, some medicines make people drowsy and they don’t know. So we have a little better specialized information to help the right combination,” Heck shared.

If you deal with allergies, some tips to avoid your symptoms flaring including staying indoors as much as possible, wash up frequently, and start treatment early if you can.

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