Las Cruces, NM (KTSM) – The Las Cruces Police Department (LCPD) is warning parents and students about tetrahydrocannabinol-(THC) infused products disguised as popular snacks and vapor pens that are laced with THC.

Jason Saucedo School Resource Officer with LCPD says since cannabis became legal in New Mexico, THC products found on school campuses across the city have increased by 28 percent.

Saucedo adding that one of the ways they became aware of the snack products was because a student overdosed.

 “Because of the overdose the school administration would see what they have and they found some of those THC products on them,” said Saucedo.

According to LCPD, in the last several weeks, school officials and SROs from the Las Cruces Police Department have confiscated numerous packages that resemble popular snacks but are infused with THC, the psychoactive substance that produces the “high” associated with smoking cannabis.

“Some of the products seized from students are in packaging that is brightly colored and made to resemble a variety of popular snacks. Some of them appear to be designed to attract teenagers or pre-teens…” LCPD officials shared via a news release.

A few of the packages seized appear to be counterfeit and made to resemble legitimate food products. Two items confiscated from students resemble popular Frito-Lay products with THC added. However, Frito-Lay does not manufacture or sell edible cannabis snack products.

Other products seized from students have packaging that clearly state they contain THC.

Las Cruces Police Department (LCPD)

Additionally, officials have found some students in possession of vape pens that are infused with THC.

“Before this year, we really didn’t have an issue with vape pins, we used to come across them here or there but now it’s almost a daily occurrence almost at every school,” said Saucedo.

A spokesperson for Las Cruces Public Schools says over the summer a task force will be made to see how to approach this issue for the next school year.

Adding that principles and administrators are aware that the THC-infused products are on campus and that the resource officers are on high alert.

Police added that anyone who sells or supplies THC-infused products to a minor can be charged with a felony.

Anyone with information on where teenagers are obtaining these products are asked to call police at (575) 526-0795.

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