Las Cruces, New Mexico (KTSM) – Las Cruces Officials are taking extra measures to safeguard the community, especially individuals often working alone throughout our neighborhoods, such as realtors.

Pushing your panic alarm is one way to alert others that you may be in danger.  

“And I am sure you felt this before, all of a sudden you kinda look around and realize you are in an area. That you are trapped.”  

The Las Cruces Police Department spokesperson, Dan Trujillo says if you are a realtor, check out the home you are showing beforehand and always allow the person to walk in front of you.

“Avoid leading customers into an area that has no ingress, you know an area that you can’t get out of. I am talking about a basement or an upstairs. If you lead somebody upstairs, then you’re kind of trapped,” Trujillo said.

Trujillo says, too often when people are in danger, one of the first things they do is call their significant other instead of calling 911 allowing dispatchers to trace the call and send help out quicker.  

“That also goes for jogging or exercising. It’s very common to wear headphones or earbuds when you’re out walking, running, exercising. Whatever the case may be but you can’t hear.”

Annual reports showing, overall aggravated assault cases increased over the last 5 years from 103 to over 562 this past year. 

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Trujillo also advises to leave your valuable items at home such as expensive accessories and high end purses.

If you have a valuable item in your car, make sure it is in your trunk or hidden. 

“All communities have that problem too. People just walk up and down the streets looking for valuables inside vehicles and checking door handles. And many times they find those door handles unlocked. Then again use common sense and stay safe.”

Trujillo adds if you are scheduled to show a home, try to do so when there is still sunlight and advise someone of the locations where you will be showing.

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