Popular Las Cruces gallery to close after 45 years

Las Cruces News
A historic building in Las Cruces will soon be up for sale. The Hadley Home, also known as The Cutter Gallery, is shutting its doors after almost 45 years in business. 
The owners, Sally and Glenn Cutter, have played a big part in the uprising of the Mesilla art scene by co-founding the Las Cruces Arts Fair.
“The Cutters really established that art fair as a really high-quality art fair, one that rivals anything that would happen in Arizona California or Colorado, and it’s grown to have that kind of reputation,” said Kathleen Albers, the Executive Director for the Las Cruces Arts Council.
The couple says their business lived a great life, and its time they look after themselves after Sally was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.
“I’m dealing with chemotherapy now, so that’s where we are now,” she said, “but I’m doing well, I’m back at work and just keeping busy.”
There is no set date as to when the gallery will close for good, the Cutters say they will stay open until their last piece of art is sold.
The gallery is located on 2640 El Paseo Road.

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