Popular Dublin’s Pub confirmed closing rumors

Las Cruces News

Rumors that a popular bar in Las Cruces is closing have been confirmed. 

In the first few days of February, a “BUSINESS CLOSED” sign was posted on the door of Dublin’s Street Pub off of University.

The bar is located right across from the NMSU campus and has been a popular spot for student and employees for years.

KTSM reached out to some employees of the pub, but they would not talk to us. 

The circumstances behind the closure are not clear, but people who attend will miss the business.

“I was shocked. I didn’t know they were closing.  I mean, a lot of students head out here and we as employees sometimes after work we come and hang out here. And we have a good time. I’m sorry to see it close,” says NMSU employee, Juliet Flores. 

According to the sign on the door, the bar will hold an auction on Saturday.

The building itself will be auctioned. 

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