Pet Owners Reminded of Leash Laws

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Las Cruces dog owners are reminded that their four-legged friends should always be leashed when in public areas, and tethers should only be used as a temporary means to restrain their pets while at home.

In the last few months, Animal Control officers have noticed more dog owners in public places – at parks, ballfields and walking along sidewalks – with their pets unleashed. That practice is in violation of city ordinance. All persons owning or having charge, custody or care of a pet must keep the animal leashed, or under humane physical restraint, at all times while in public.

City ordinance also requires that pet owners refrain from keeping their pets tethered, chained or leashed all day. In fact, dogs cannot be tethered or chained for more than two hours in any 12-hour period. Dogs tied to a pulley or trolley system cannot be left that way for more than four hours during any 12 hour period.

Other requirements:

  • Dogs cannot be tethered in an unenclosed area where people or other animals are able to wander into the proximity of the tethered dog.
  • A tether used to restrain a dog shall be at least 12 feet in length but cannot reach beyond the owner’s property.
  • Tethers used to restrain a dog shall be affixed to a properly-fitting collar or harness.
  • Chains or tethers should never be wrapped around the pet’s neck or body.
  • A tether cannot weight more than one-eighth of the animal’s body weight.
  • Tethers should have working swivels on both ends.
  • The pet must be able to sit, walk and lie down while tethered.
  • In all cases, a tethered dog must be able to reach shade and a container of fresh water at all times.

The Las Cruces Dog Park, located at 430 N. Hermosa St., offers off-leash play areas for small and large dogs.

Anyone seeking more information on City leash laws can call the Animal Control office at (575) 528-4100. Concerns or violations can be reported by calling (575) 526-0795.

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