New bill aims to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico

Las Cruces News
The latest bill that would legalize marijuana in the state of New Mexico would not just affect the people in communities like Las Cruces, but businesses as well.

House Bill 365 would establish the right for buyers to purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries, even if they’re not patients.
Essential THC, a local medical cannabis store in Las Cruces, says this is something they’re excited for.
“People are excited for it, I know its going to help us out in the long run so…we’re really eager and we’re just trying to have it happen as soon as possible,” says Alexandra Baca.
Cannabis would be treated and sold just like alcohol — the buyer must be 21 and there are limits to using it.
Legislation would raise about $40 million in new tax revenue and create more than 11,000 jobs in just the first year.

The bill would also automatically seal certain marijuana-related criminal records including those who are currently incarcerated for cannabis offenses.

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