Multi-National Anne Frank exhibition visits Las Cruces

Las Cruces News

Las Cruces residents now have the chance to visit the story of Anne Frank, a traveling panel museum.

Nine young women with New America High School hosted the exhibition and in order to be a part of the multi-national museum, they had to train for two days in Albuquerque.

“It was amazing, we learned a lot more than we expected it was very different. it was very fun it was very hands-on we got to learn the panels,” said student Annalysa Rueles.

They learned every detail on each panel making their principal beam with pride.

The panels of Anne Franks story spoke of her only surviving family member, her father and his mission to get her diary published.

This brought visitor Pamela Wolf into quite an emotional state.

“What they had been through in their life.. that goes beyond anything that people should have to endure and yet they came out of it and said life is good and life is worth fighting for,” said Wolf. 

The traveling museum has made its way through 40 countries and isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

Once the museum finishes their journey through Las Cruces, it will travel to other cities around the state. 

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