Local activists protest President Trump on President’s Day

Las Cruces News

Local protesters and organizations spent their day off from work protesting President Trump and his immigration policies at Albert Johnson Park on President’s Day Monday afternoon in Las Cruces.

The protest was organized by a group called Indivisible Las Cruces, which organized after President Trump was elected in 2016. 

The organizers told KTSM this protest was in response to President Trump declaring a national emergency to bypass Congress and gain funding for $8 billion border wall.

“We don’t see the issues he sees, what we see is people coming to the U.S. largely seeking asylum,” ViAnn Beadle, the Rapid Response Coordinator for Indivisble Las Cruces, said. 

Many of the protesters argued that the border wall was a waste of money for the nation.

“We need health care, we need education, we need a good secure border but not through a wall,” Greg White, Chairman of Indivisible Las Cruces, said.

This protest comes a week after President Trump held a MAGA rally in El Paso and discussed border security and just several days after he declared a national emergency.

“I object to the lies used to promulgate this fake emergency,” White said.

Although many were protesting the border wall, some protesters did say they believed in increasing security at the border.

“I think that we do need some kind of barricades but I don’t think that the criminals are necessarily coming across where families are coming across,” protester Laurie Asia said.

Protest organizers said this was one of more than 160 protests planned nationwide. 

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