Las Cruces shopping center dealing with continuous break-ins; LCPD investigating

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LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) – The Las Cruces Police Department is looking into a string of break-ins happening at a shopping center located on Wyatt Drive.

KTSM 9’s Celina Quintana visited the shopping center and noticed that several office spaces were empty. She spoke to one business owner who confirmed that several businesses have left the area in the last six years.

The owner did not wish to be identified.

However, he did tell KTSM 9 News that he believes businesses are leaving because of the large number of break-ins that have been happening in the area.

“Just going over in the next two blocks I’ve counted 23 businesses that have closed since I’ve been here the last six years,” the unnamed business owner told KTSM 9 News.

In late November, the owner said he showed up to his business to find the door left open. When he went inside he noticed his store was missing several pieces of inventory.

“After talking to some of the neighbors, realizing on the same night, my neighbors on the plaza next-door, they had knocked electricity out in their large appliance and furniture store and tried to gain access inside,” the business owner said.

The Las Cruces Police Department confirmed with KTSM 9 News, that other businesses in the El Paseo area have experienced, break-ins, robbery, and burglaries in the last few months.

“It’s something we’ve never really experienced before, it took us by surprise. We’ve put the word out with the neighbors and we’re looking out for each other, and the police have been a big help,” the owner said.

The spokesman with the LCPD, Dan Trujillo, explained security is key.

“Invest in a good quality surveillance camera that can take videos or pictures, so if your business is burglarized, it can be used as evidence,” Trujillo said.

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