Las Cruces remembers 9/11 attacks with Patriot Day Ceremony

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LAS CRUCES N.M. (KTSM) – The Las Cruces community and local first responders came together to remember the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on Wednesday.

The ceremony took place at Horseshoe Park on the New Mexico State University Campus. The Las Cruces Police Department and Fire Department were joined by NMSU Police and Fire on the field, as well as NMSU ROTC students.

The Las Cruces community may have heard the ROTC fire off a cannon during significant times from 9/11.

“The initiations of the cannon fire is meant to resemble the first plane hitting the towers, the second plane hitting the tower and also the plane hitting the Pentagon in Pennsylvania,” said Matthew Fordham an NMSU Army ROTC.

The morning started off with a silent run at 7 a.m. the NMSU ROTC was joined by Las Cruces First Responders and the community.

“It’s for reflecting on the events of 9/11. We run in remembrance of the lives lost and the first responder who gave all the time in the world they had to help the victims,” said Felix Apodaca who is the NMSU Army ROTC Battalion Commander.

NMSU Army Cadet Ryan McCarty ran carrying a folded flag in his hands that he will then present to a first responder something he says is an honor.

“For me, the flag is full of freedom and pride. It’s remembrance of everyone who lost their lives that day so it’s a big deal to me,” said McCarty.

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