Las Cruces receives state recognition for Arts & Culture District

Las Cruces News

Downtown Las Cruces can now consider itself part of a small group of New Mexico cities that are state-recognized for their arts and culture districtS.

On Monday morning, Las Cruces Arts and Cultural Council and the Dona Ana Arts Council were joined by Mayor Ken Miyagashima when they announced thier state recognition.

The arts and cutural designation comes with four goals to expand the downtown arts district.

“The four goals that correspond to many of the plans and they are to foster economic growth, improve the quality of life, honor and promote las cruces history and culture and most importantly community engagment and implementation,” said council member and co-founder Irene Oliver Lewis.

Local artist and gallery owner of Raven Art Studio says he hopes this will start to bring people back to the downtown area.

“People will begin to come downand theyll begin to appreciate what they see beacuse the art down here is really good and its inventive and creative and people are producing all the time,” says Rick Rotante.

The city says, after all, the hard work they’ve put forth for this title they have are committed to continue to grow.

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