Las Cruces Public Schools proposal includes major calendar changes

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LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) — Las Cruces Public Schools has released a new calendar proposal for the upcoming school year that would increase the number of days spent in the classroom.

The district officially released the proposed calendar after it was leaked online and it’s already causing an uproar with many parents. However, LCPS says the calendar is only a proposal at this point, meaning it has yet to be approved.

“It’s only a proposal, the reason we sent it to the staff is because it is such a drastic change, we just wanted to make sure we pass that barrier because ultimately if we don’t get that buy-in from teachers and staff then there’s no reason we should go to the public if it isn’t even an option,” said Interim LCPS Superintendent Karen Trujillo.

LCPS explains New Mexico legislators made funding available to extend the instructional time for students across the state. It would allow for 25 additional days of instruction for K-5 students and ten additional days for middle and high school students.

The proposal has upset many parents.

“A lot of frustration, our kids are already being burnt out with a lot of other problems going on through the district and to add on 5 weeks for our kids that are our youngest, are our babies,” said Rebekah Shepherd, LCPS parent.

The new calendar would have K-5 students released for the summer at the start of June and return mid-July. Some parents explained the shorter summer could cause major problems for parents who share custody of their children.

“This is an issue because I co-parent with her father and we both have designated time with her over the summer and that would significantly impact our situation,” LCPS mom Angelica Upton told KTSM.

The calendar LCPS is proposing isn’t new though, it would mean LCPS would join other districts including Gadsden, Demming and Socorro ISD in El Paso with a more year-round school structure.

Trujillo sais the calendar could provide better opportunities for the district and their students.

“Extending the calendar would provide a safe environment with certified teachers and to have better access to those better learning opportunities like STEM camps, and dance classes after school,” Trujillo said.

If this specific calendar were to be approved, teachers would see an increase in their pay, brought on by the state and its oil funds.

For more information on the other proposed calendars in LCPS, you can CLICK HERE.

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