EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –  Las Cruces Public Schools Superintendent Ralph Ramos gave his resignation Thursday morning.

Prior to his resignation Ramos was investigated due to grievances and complaints by employees against him.

In January the LCPS Board of Education voted to give the president the authority to hire an outside investigator.

On Thursday after Ramos’s resignation KTSM 9 News spoke with the LCPS board president about if his resignation had anything to do with the investigation.

“I wouldn’t necessarily tie it to one specific incident or event we have been working very closely together over the past few weeks and months to go over difficult subjects,” said Teresa Tenorio the President of the LCPS Board.

Tenorio says conclusions in the investigation were found but would not discuss it further calling it a personnel matter.

On Wednesday night before Ramos’s resignation, School Board Member Ray Jaramillo sent his letter of resignation to the board and Ramos.

“To be honest I did know that he was leaning that way, I didn’t know whether he would or not, it really didn’t impact my decision,” said Jaramillo when asked if he knew that Ramos was planning to resign.

Jaramillo told KTSM 9 News that his reason for leaving is that he purchased Alpha School for Young Children and his wife and daughter have been dealing with health issues.

As for what comes next, board president Tenorio says the board will appoint someone to fill Jaramillo’s position until the next election.

As for the superintendent position, she says the board will appoint an interim and then at some point, the board would consider searching for a new superintendent.

Ramos was selected as superintendent back in March 2021 after the late superintendent Dr. Karen Trujillo died earlier that year.

“I am very happy with the work that he did for the district, I feel very proud of his service to our community and to our schools and I’m wishing him the best moving forward,” said Tenorio.