Las Cruces pond closes for renovations following mechanical failure

Las Cruces News

The fishing at Young Park Pond will have to wait due to a month’s worth of renovations.

As KTSM has reported, hundreds of fish at the pond suffocated after a mechanical faliure in the pond’s aereation system last July.

Las Cruces Parks and Recreation Director Sonia Delgado says the pond will undergo a 4-6 week improvement process. 

“We have to replace the aereators that are in the pond and so to do so we need to drain the pond we will be begining that process the week of the 28th of this month it will take approximently 4-6 weeks to be renovated and we will be relocating the fish and turtles with the help of game and fish and our codes department,” Delgado said.

Althought the cleaning will take weeks, some local fishermen say the cleaning and repairs are overdue.

“I think it’s a good thing you know, alot of vandalism happens here, people throw in thier shopping carts, rocks, you know they throw and they need to clean it out  you know at least every couple of years, it’s good for the enviornment and its good for the fish,” says local fisherman Rafael Guerra.

Officials with the Parks and Recreation department say they understand the pond is a large attraction, so they’ll make sure to have it back up and running soon. 

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