LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KTSM) – A Las Cruces group called Drifter Stone Hunter is looking to shape the community’s geological interests this summer.

They post pictures of the stones on social media with a hint to the location where they are hidden. The hints are meant to help inspire people to go out and learn more about the different types of geological formations they see every day.

When you find a stone they post about they ask you to upload a picture of it to the Drifter Facebook Page to let everyone know you found it.

“It started out really small, it was just a real small group you would see three, four people hunting every time we put something out, stones are out for 3 days, four days so sometimes they’d last that long,” said Robert Trujillo Drifters co-founder. “The more people caught on the quicker they would go away. We have had stones found within 20 minutes of being posted online.”

A young girl who found a hidden stone.

There are three different levels of a hunt:

  • Easy – There will be clues leading you to the stone.
  • Medium – Clues will lead you nearby.
  • Hard – The clues might lead you in the wrong direction.

The founders of Drifters are two friends and they buy or find all of the stones locally before hiding them. They hope the scavenger hunt helps show off the rare rocks many might just walk by on a daily basis.

Medium level stone hunt.

“I hid a stone on ‘A’ mountain and we had a bunch of families go out and try to look for it. They spent about two days trying to look for this thing and it was an amazing adventure,” said Francisco Tafoya Drifters co-founder.

The stones they hide are always changing and ranging in size, type and color. If you want to get involved you just have to like Drifter on Facebook and start searching. Any stones you find are yours to keep.