Las Crucens affected by popular scam tactic in common places

Las Cruces News

Some of the places most of us go are turning out to be easy targets for scammers, and some people in Las Cruces have noticed suspicious activity.

“I just had a friend and that happened where they took her information and her money from the bank. So it’s a hassle to be waiting. The bank did reimburse the money but still she had to wait, and she’s still waiting on her new card,” Las Cruces resident Olga Albara told KTSM.

Las Cruces Police are warning you to be on the lookout for card skimmers usually placed in outdoor ATM’s or gas pumps. These skimmers can steal your credit or debit card information without you knowing, and use Wi-Fi to get information without the scammer physically being there. 

“We got a message from somebody saying ‘Hey this just happened to me yesterday. They reported it to their financial institution and they learned that a purchase was made out of the country already. And this just happened yesterday from what we understand,” the Spokesperson for Las Cruces Police Dan Trujillo shared.

There are some ways you can double check if the card reader you’re using seems to be off.

“Most ATM’s, most pumps are pretty sturdy. They’re made that way, they’re made in the outdoors. So we advice that when you go there, actually jiggle it. Pull on it and tug on it where you put your card in and if anything feels lose, if it comes off obviously or if you see any open doors, scratches or anything like that to make it look like it’s been tampered with, don’t use it,” Trujillo said.

During the holiday season, the message is being spread to bring more awareness and keep you from getting scammed. 

 “Especially right now because we’re all in the shopping mode and using our cards a lot, so be careful with what’s happening out there,” Albara shared.

Las Cruces Police told KTSM if you notice a card reader that’s been tampered with, tell the financial institution or gas station first then call police.

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