Elephant Butte locals claim park visitors dumping RV sewage in lake

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People who live by Elephant Butte said they’ve spotted RVs dumping their raw sewage on the lakeshore.

“This is our golden goose or our number one asset in the area, so we want to serve the public better,” said local Jared Bartoo.

Bartoo is a regular at Elephant Butte State Park. He said RVs race to get the best spots on the beach, but this comes with problems. People don’t want to give up their prime spots or wait in line to take their raw sewage to the park’s two working dump stations. He claims locals are happening upon disgusting sights.

“They’re pulling the valve open as they’re leaving, and there’s sewer here and there along the beach, you can see streaks of it as you’re leaving,” said Bartoo.

They said the toilet paper and blue chemicals are the obvious signs.

“Well, the one thing we don’t like to find is a lot of blue spots because they add deodorizer to their RV waste and they just dump it on the beach,” said local Mark Shipley.

Shipley owns a local septic service. He said he’s witnessed the problem too, and is taking it upon himself to find a solution.

“In our look at trying to help with that situation, we’re actually developing a truck right now that’s gonna be able to provide a service that will bring potable water, as well as being able to pump out RVs for a service fee for all the people who are there,” said Shipley.

Until then, locals hope the state will kick in money to fund a solution, and beg parkgoers to use the appropriate dump stations and not the beach.

“This is the most important asset to us in this community, and we need to offer the services necessary to accommodate the visitors,” said Bartoo.

Park Rangers at Elephant Butte said they haven’t witnessed the problem yet, and claim no one has brought it up to them.

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