Construction a factor in closure of popular Las Cruces bakery

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Construction on Las Cruces’ Valley Drive is affecting local businesses in such a drastic way that some are closing their doors. 
Vice president of Pic Quik convenience stores  Candace Telles says they’re concerned with the safety of their customers as well as their gasoline providers.
“We have a lot of fuel trucks and multiple delivery’s throughout the day, and with them being has-mat and having flammable product, its an issue exiting the property, a lot of traffic coming in from valley won’t have access coming into our property causing safety concerns,” says Telles.
Pic Quik and its owners are in the middle of an ongoing argument on the construction, as well as the affects of the final product.
However, they are not the only business frustrated with the mess — local bakery La Fiesta is taking one of the hardest hits from the construction.
After 13 years of award-winning business, it will be closing its doors, with all the construction to blame.
“If we didn’t have the construction, if this construction on Valley Drive wasn’t happening, I’d say we’d still be here,” owner Gina Ortiz said, “With the economy we would still be struggling, but we wouldn’t be closing our doors.”
Ortiz says they’ve lost over 80 percent of their business throughout the seven months of construction.
Although the business may have not survived the fight against the city, Ortiz says her fight to make the city local business friendly is ongoing.
KTSM reached out to the City of Las Cruces, which said it’s unfortunate that these businesses are being affected, but are trying the best they can to minimize the impact.
Telles said Pic Quik plans to work with the city as much as possible, but there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made.

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