$30 million bond on New Mexico ballot for NMSU

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LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) — In the upcoming election, New Mexico residents will be asked to vote on a multi-million dollar bond that will go to the New Mexico State University system.

If the $30 million bond is approved, $18 million will be used at the NMSU Las Cruces Campus. It’s a bond that some NMSU students say they hope is approved.

“The COVID-19 research stuff, I just think it’s important because we all want to go back and if we can start researching and putting more money to that then we can start getting back in classes and start doing more research and start being able to go into the lab rooms and everything,” said Whitney Chacon, an NMSU Biology major. “So I just think it’s a really important thing to vote on, it’s a lot of money that I think could be really helpful.”

According to NMSU President John Floros, some of the $18 million will go toward building a human health and biomedical research facility. The facility will help continue students’ research on cancer, as well as infectious viruses, including COVID-19.

“This facility will help us elevate again to the next level so we can conduct more world-type disciplinary research. We can bring our biologist and our chemists and our physicists and our animal scientists together and figure out how to better prepare for the future,” said Floros.

Money from the bond will also go toward animal sciences and a new facility for water research.

“It will pertain to really helping our livestock industry, figure out better ways to become more efficient and more effective in the future, and the third part that we have being built is a facility that will address water issues, water conservation issues and water quality issues,” Floros said.

If approved, Floros added that the new facilities are expected to be completed in 2023.

“I’m going to be voting, definitely; I think everybody should vote and I will be voting yes on this bond,” said NMSU student Chase Austin.

Floros stressed that the bond will not cost taxpayers anymore in taxes, saying the money is already there. The bond simply determines how the money will be used.

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