EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — This Fourth of July protesters gathered in the Cincinnati Entertainment District in an effort to reopen bars.

“I came out here to support our fellow business owners, we may not be business owners, we’re not even bar-goers but when our city is being affected, when our neighbors are being affected it affects us all. So were here to support them,” said protester Raquel Mertz.

A keg of beer was opened with a sledgehammer and dumped out on Cincinnati Street, running down to Mesa. That beer could have been sold, but instead, it was poured out to make a statement that bar owners can not sell beer and are losing money.

“Tax-free beer running down the street, just like in the old days when they did the tea party when they threw tax-free tea into the harbor,” said Frank Ricci Jr., the owner of Rockin’ Cigar Bar.

The protest itself looking more like a block party but protesters say it was much more than that.

“This is what may seem like a block party. I mean, it’s actually just a regular protest with a little bit of style into it,” said Mertz.

A sign on the street read ‘free beer.’ Protesters were handing out beer to other protesters. They made sure there was a tip jar for local bar workers who are struggling.