EL PASO, TX (KTSM)- For years, Felder “Junior” Shackleford was cooking on the weekends during his time in the military, today it is now his passion with Kings BBQ, and he wants to pass it along to the people of El Paso.

Spending most of his life in the military, Shackleford became known as the barracks chef barbequing and cooking for everyone solely because it made it happy. When he returned to the borderland, he decided to open his own soul food restaurant to give El Pasoans a taste of homemade barbeque.

He says that he is not doing this for any monetary reasons, rather he wants to give people a reason to be happy which he says the best way to do it is through food and creating an environment everyone will enjoy.

“It’s not about the money its literally because when I come in here, I’m breaking off a piece of my happiness and giving you what I think taste good but also makes you feel good so I’m not in the kitchen mad and throwing pots and pans were in a happy environment and so we give you the same environment when you come in its a family friendly fun environment.”>

Shackleford has prided himself on creating a business that he is passionate about while also helping out those who he needs it.  now he wants to pass that on to a younger generation. To celebrate Juneteenth, he looks back the start of his dream to open a soul food restaurant in a city that does not have a large black population

“Being able to have a black owned business that is supported by Hispanics is amazing because to tell you the truth everybody told me I was crazy the said you’re going to open a soul food place in El Paso they don’t want that, and I said well we’ll see two and half years later were here two years later our second location.”

Never looking back Shackleford knows the most important thing is to give back to those who need it especially those who may not know where their next meal will come from

“At the end of the night so you know you’re not getting leftovers our food goes to the homeless not for publicity but because we want to help them too and if something if there’s something left, we give it to someone that needs it that’s pretty much us.”

Knowing that he has fulfilled his dreams, Shackleford wants to let young men and women who wish to become business owners as well that they do not need to follow a path that was created for them

“To every black little boy I just say push don’t let anybody tell you what you can and cannot do the sky is truly your limit so if you set your goals, you push don’t let the world or society say you can only do this, or you should only do that because you’re not that person.”

Shackleford’s goal is to one day become a franchise where everyone will get the same delicious Kings BBQ.

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