EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The National Migration Institute in Juarez announced the station where 39 migrants died during a fire will close its doors permanently.

“We announce today our determination to suspend as of now, and definitely, the operation of the migratory station in Juarez, Chihuahua,” said the Office of Security and Civil Protection. “The rest of the migrants in that station will be transferred to the Center for Integration of Migrants Leona Vicario,” they said.

As KTSM 9 News has previously reported, on March 28, 39 migrants being detained at the National Migrant Station in Juarez, south of El Paso, died in a fire the government alleges was started by the torching of mattresses. This allegedly occurred after migrants were told they would be deported.

At a news conference, Rosa Isela Rodriguez, a representative from the Fiscalia Federal de la Republica, equivalent to the Attorney General’s Office, announced the closure of the station pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“We reiterate our indignation and pain the incident represents for the Mexican government; our policy is zero impunity, zero corruption and zero complicity,” said Rodriguez.

Sara Irene Herrerias, a prosecutor with Attorney General’s Office, indicated the instruction of charges against those involved in the tragic incident.

These former employees of the National Migration Institute, known publicly only by Rodolfo “N,” Gloria “N,” Daniel “N,” Jason “N,” and Alan “N,” will be charged for their role in the event.

The suspects used their right to extend the time allotted by law for the continuance of their case. Therefore, such continuation will restart this coming April 4 at 7 a.m.