EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Don’t have $3 million to purchase Jay J. Armes’ Lower Valley home?

Maybe his Rolls Royce is more in line with your budget.

Eduardo Ugalde, owner of El Paso’s A New Beginning Estate Sales and Appraisals, said his company is managing an estate sale for Armes’ property that will be held Oct. 16 to Oct. 18.

Items for sale will likely include a 1962 Shadow Rolls-Royce, a bulletproof Cadillac limo, hooks, spy equipment and taxidermied animals, as well as 500 personally tailored suits with his logo.

Ugalde, who is a certified appraiser, said the sale will be open to the public. Those who purchase items may receive autographed items from the estate, he said, adding that details are still in the works.

On Tuesday, KTSM 9 News reported that Armes is selling his Lower Valley home for $3 million.

Armes has a storied history in El Paso. The local legend is known for the hooks that stand in place of hands after losing them in a childhood accident. He went on to serve on the El Paso City Council and later started a detective agency, The Investigators, that handled prominent cases, such as the abduction of Marlon Brando’s son in 1972.

Armes owned exotic animals that roamed freely on his property, making the lot on North Loop a well-known feature of the Lower Valley.