EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Parents, kids are ready to hit the pool this summer and a local instructor is teaching children how to swim and prevent drowning at Coronado Country Club and at residential homes.  

With 10 years experience of children swimming lessons, ISR Instructor Joseph Salem is a certified instructor on the east and west side of El Paso and his purpose is to teach the youth on how to swim and prevent someone from drowning. 

The program offers swimming and drowning prevention classes to children as young as six months to six years old but Joseph tells KTSM he will teach children as old as seven or eight as well. 

“We teach children that in about 6 to one year, how to, if they were to fall in the water they would actually learn how to hold their breath, roll over and sustain to float on their back,” Salem said. 

After the one year mark, once a child knows how to walk he starts to teach them where to find a safety point, whether it’s the steps or the wall of the pool. 

“These are one on one lessons, and when we do these one on one lessons, these children are going to be skilled independently. So when we get the parent’s in the water, we actually show them how to use those children’s skills, and how to have them swim independently. Not so much to them but more away from them because they are going to be independent in case there is any kind of drowning accident, any kind of aquatic accident. They will be able to save themselves.”   

With each lesson lasting no more than 10 minutes, Joseph says they learn more in the little amount of time.

“We want to monitor those children in the 10 minute base but we also do it because of retention rates. You pick up more in that 10 minutes than you would in 20 minutes, 30 minutes.”

His advice to parents is to practice with your children at home without any arm floats, since they tend to make the body get in a vertical position which can cause a child to drown.

Joseph wants to teach children to not only have fun swimming, but to take it seriously and save their own lives. 

Swimming lessons are from Monday through Friday and although there is a 4 to 6 weeks long waitlist to sign up, Joseph encourages to get on the waitlist since some children do tailor on how quick they learn.

For locations and details on Infant Swim click here.

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