EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With summer heat the A/C units are working overtime and so are HVAC shops who are experiencing their typically busier time of the year. 

Eric Alvarez, owner of Expert HVAC and Refrigeration advised to ensure your A/C makes it through this summer to do regular maintenance and clean out your filters as often as possible. 

“A four dollar filer can turn into a thousand dollar service call” said Alvarez. 

Doing yearly maintenance during less busy seasons is important to catch and parts that are malfunctioning or have been worn down and replace them ahead of time. 

Right now, Alvarez said, because of the supply chain issues, it might take several months for them to receive a new shipment of A/C units, so he advised to do it if you see your unit is already having issues or is no longer under warranty, which is normally after 10 years. 

However, some El Pasoans have swamp coolers installed in their homes which, Alvarez suggested, if you are thinking about replacing for an A/C unit, you should do so. 

“A swamp cooler on days like today you’re still going to be blowing 80 degree air and when it gets humid you can also feel that stickiness and that’s also not comfortable for a lot of people,” he said. 

The swamp coolers run on water, which Alvarez said, makes them more prone to breaking down here in El Paso because the water is hard. 

He said the newer A/C units are also more energy efficient. 

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