EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – If you love vegetables, especially organic ones, you’re probably wondering where you can purchase some here in the Borderland.

Located at 16008 Horizon Boulevard, Healthy Harvest Farm is having its first harvest this Saturday where people will be able to get their hands on organic vegetables. 

The vegetable farm is owned and operated by Lisa Glidden and Raul Rodriguez, a couple that grows and sells their organic vegetables right from their home. Alongside their pet pig Patsy Swine (Oink oink oink…).

Courtesy: Healthy Harvest Patsy Swine

Over 17 years of farming together, Rodriguez has been farming for 25 years. He says, Future Farmers of America is what sparked his interest in becoming a farmer. 

“This farm is a two man operation. My wife and myself. We do all the growing, all the weeding, all the picking, and get to meet our customer’s,” Rodriguez said.   

The couple say these vegetables are 100 percent organic and a lot more affordable than what you see in grocery stores.

“I have bell peppers, habaneros, jalapenos, long green chili, I have herbs, cilantro, oregano, basil, green zucchinis, I have spaghetti squash and coming up very fast is our watermelons and our cantaloupes,”   

They tell KTSM they are also accepting snap benefits, adding that many El Pasoans have been supporting them from when they used to sell at the downtown market two years ago.  

Courtesy: Healthy Harvest Farm

Just within the past few days, Lisa says they’ve been picking out vegetables for their big day on saturday. 

“We start some seeds indoors in December, we start putting our seeds outside after the first frost in April. It takes a few months but everything is starting to grow right now. It’s beautiful,” Glidden said.   

Plus, not only do they grow their own veggies, they are also bee keeper’s, selling organic honey right from the bee’s.

“You want to get to meet your farmer, you want to know who grows the vegetables, who grows your food, where did it come from,” Rodriguez said.      

With all the hard work and dedication they put into these vegetables, there is no doubt why they want to bring the best vegetables to El Paso. 

All summer long Healthy Harvest will be open only on Saturday’s at eight in the morning till one in the afternoon. 

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