EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Meet Griselda Calderon, a local nail tech making waves online and putting El Paso on the map by showcasing her unique nail designs through tutorials on social media!

“Ever since I was a little girl I have always been interested in the beauty industry. I’ve always had passion for nails and beauty, I started posting videos on Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube and I just started growing from there,” Grisy adds.

Grisy has been growing her social media platforms for several years now but what helped her gain a lot of traction online in the beginning was doing giveaways on her Facebook page, and started being known as “Griisy915.”

“Sometimes my followers ask me ‘Griisy what if you get super famous will you stop doing nails? and I’m like no girl! Yo amo a mi trabajo!” she adds.

With now over 200,000 followers on her Facebook page and 400,000 followers on Tik Tok, Griisy says this is only just the beginning but she’s proud of how far she has come.

“Back then I would do like 8 client’s a day I would work all day just to buy books for college,” she says.

However, she says this career path is not for everyone and it is never easy to put yourself out there so publicly on social media

“I feel that this is a very hard career, especially because a lot people judge you, when I started doing nails I would always get negative comments, people will make fun of me but then like look at me now, they say it’s not a real job but I mean if you are getting paid then it’s a real job,” Grisy laughs.

Through tough times she reminds herself that she works hard for her two-year-old daughter and she plans to have her own salon in the future.

“Everything changes once you have a baby, I want her to look up to me, I want to work hard and give her the best, I want to give her everything,” she says.

Griselda hopes to one day make a living out of doing videos and nail tutorials, to spend more time with her daughter. She hopes to inspire others with her work and encourages them to put what they enjoy out in the world and social media without listening to hateful comments because it can create big opportunities in the future.