UPDATE: KTSM speaking with Superintendent Travis Dempsey of Gadsden ISD he explained that repairs to the roof will be done over the weekend and in person instruction will resume on Monday.

With more strong winds in the forecast, Dempsey says it will be a game time decision on whether remote learning will be extended.

“If I have to I will and its great to have that option its been terrific to have that option and I really do believe what the roofers have told me today they’ll be able to repair that and well be ok.”

UPDATE: Gadsden Middle will remain on remote instruction Friday due to wind damage to roof.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Due roof damage caused  by high winds Wednesday afternoon, Gadsden Middle will be on remote instruction after a quarter of the roof of the west wing was lifted and damaged, Luis Villalobos Gadsden’s School District spokesperson said Wednesday.

The portion of the roof damage was in the rear of the school. Continuing high winds in the afternoon prevented crews from repairing the damage and, as a precaution, the school will be on remote instruction while repairs are be conducted.

The damage occurred around 2:30 p.m., however there was no damage to the interior or any affect to the school’s classrooms in that portion of the campus.

Classes will be on remote instruction Thursday while roofing crews attempt to repair the damaged panel, Villalobos added.