EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Right now, in El Paso, there is a critical need for foster parents for any age from months to 18 years old. One foster family who we spoke with said the one point they can agree on is that being a foster parent goes beyond being a parental figure.

As of this year there’s a high number of kids of all ages in the El Paso foster care system the most program director for the foster/adoption at CPS, has seen in year.

“On average kinda looking back on our five-year average were looking at 300 kids that come into that come into the system per year.”

The decision to become foster parents is a group one – like the Thomas family, they know they have to go beyond being the parental figure, but someone they want the kids to be comfortable around.

“It’s our job to be that role model for them and be that example so they can be like hey this is what’s it’s supposed to be like you know to feel that love and comfort and just that stability is what’s important.” Bethany Thomas.

The Thomas family decided early on that they would become foster parents and create a normal environment for the kids they welcomed into their home. even after all the years of experience they have now, they know it doesn’t come without its challenges.

“It’s what makes you a good foster parent to be able to understand hey it’s not going to be perfect, but you know I’m here to try and I’m here to you know put my best efforts forward to where everything feels comfortable and not only comfortable but normal for them,” shared John Thomas.

Families who are curious about becoming foster parents or are worried about the time and effort that it takes to bring a child into your home, Berry is assuring them that they will not be alone and will always have a hand to reach out to.

“They’re not in it alone, they have a case manager with them who is with them every step of the way to answer any questions if they’re having any issues that are there just someone who has the heart for this work.”

If you want to know more about becoming a foster parent, you can find all the information on the CPS website.

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