EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – From cold and rainy summers in Estonia, Astrid Linder traveled to Las Cruces to get the real feel of the Southwestern heat as a part of a work-and-travel program.

Residents of Las Cruces and El Paso might’ve had heard a knock on their door in the past couple of weeks and opened their door to a person wearing a blue shirt.

That might’ve been Linder or any of her fellow Estonians who are selling educational books for students of all ages as a part of a Southwestern Advantage program that recruits students from all across the world to work and travel in the U.S.

Estonia is a country in northern Europe, bordering with Finland, Latvia and Russia.

Linder said the money she makes from selling books will help her fund her own studies, but the whole experience is much more than just making a few extra bucks.

“I’m really thankful for the opportunity to actually be here because a lot of students from my country they are dreaming of coming to the U.S.,” she said.

She uses her free time to explore the area and try all the delicious food. She said her favorites so far were quesadillas and tortas.

In 11 weeks of living with a host family in Las Cruces, Linder has knocked on hundreds of doors and met families that she said will stay in her memory forever.

Linder shared the story of one family with a newborn who spent an evening talking to her about her home country of Estonia, bought books and then gave her a ride to her host’s house while also stopping by for dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

 “I think this is like the best memory from a summer,” she said while recalling that evening.

Linder posted that she was going to be knocking on doors around town in Las Cruces Community Watch Facebook group to make sure residents are aware and to ensure her safety.

“People know what I’m doing here, when they see me knocking on the door, because I also have an accent, and I don’t want people to think what I am doing here or that it’s a scam, it’s not a scam,” she explained.

Linder and the rest of her crew will be in El Paso and Las Cruces until the end of this week before heading back to Estonia.