EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – June is Pride Month and if you want to support the local LGBTQ+ community, El Paso Sun City Pride continues to bring weekly events for Summer Of Pride.

“And the biggest way you can make a difference here is get involved. Do something.”

 Although pride month has begun, the rest of the events are set for June 11th to July 3rd.

Treasurer of El Paso Sun City Pride, Christopher Eck says they’re part of an education non-profit where they give upcoming LGBTQIA youth scholarships. 

“This year we’re set out to give 10,000 in scholarships which is a total of seven scholarships and we are super excited for that. Other things we do on the social end, we foster social organizations for people to feel more inclusive. For people to come together and unify and just be and feel normal in their own skin,” Eck said.

The scholarship caters to LGBTQ+ individuals who are 17 and above from high school to masters degree graduates.

As the LGBTQ+ community grows in El Paso, Christopher tells ktsm they decided to start their own digital magazine to help LGBTQ+ allies and businesses out. 

“Market vendors and businesses can go ahead and register to get a booth for only $15. Which is such a steal, go and all group together. We are going to have dunk tanks, drag performers, and Ardovino’s Crossing agreed to give a portion of their restaurant sales to El Paso Sun City Pride to help out with the scholarship fund,” Eck said.

Christopher says the event came about when the Old Plantation used to play disco and that’s how the name Summer Of Pride Disco Edition 2022 came about.  

 “And, so that’s what we are doing. We really want to bring back that nostalgia of the old community with the youth and really show them what’s to unify, like it used to be back in the day,” Eck said.  

With the help of El Paso life, El Paso Sun City Pride fosters all of West El Paso to New Mexico and goes as far as to Mexico.

Pride Fest event is on June 18th, and will start at 3 p.m. and end at midnight. The indoor and outdoor event will take place on the intersection of Ochoa and First Street, where the Old Plantation (OP) used to be. 

To learn more about El Paso Sun City Pride click here and for more information about Summer of Pride events check out their Facebook page. 

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