EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – According to Epstrong.org, COVID-19 is making a bit of a comeback in the Sun City. Just one month ago the Borderland saw 89 new cases, this month there are 256.

Dr. Armando Meza, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Texas Tech says we have been seeing this increase since the beginning of the year. He says even though the case count has increased, hospitalizations have not.

According to Meza, the age groups being affected the most are those in their twenties and sixties. Those in their twenties wont be admitted to the hospital at the same rate of those in their sixties.

He says this wave of COVID-19 is not as bad as it has been in the past, adding that these waves will continue, but there are several factors that can cause them.

“It will depend on that, it will depend vaccination rates, it depends who’s going to get the vaccine, and it will depend on how long the protection will be provided with the vaccines,” said Dr. Meza.

He adds that when someone initially gets vaccinated, immunity is higher but as the vaccines starts to wear off, that’s when a booster may be needed.

Meza reminds residents that vaccination will help with mortality and the severity of the virus but not necessarily the spread.

“We probably will have to change the technology of vaccines before we see transmission rates being affected by vaccines,” said Meza.

He says there will be risk if a new variant emerges but for now keep your guard up and continue to be cautious.

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