EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Videos have surfaced from a postgame brawl involving parents after a girls basketball game between Pebble Hills and Americas high schools.

Before the altercation, there were two security guards on scene who tried to de-escalate the situation but quickly called for backup from police. It is unknown what caused the fight but now Socorro ISD police are issuing a warning to parents from Chief George Johnson.

“The district does have a code of conduct for the students and for the parents so fortunately enough none of our students from the district were involved in the altercation and now the ones that are being investigated against right now are the parents,” Johnson said.

If charges are brought against individuals found to be involved in the brawl, there could be multiple consequences, the chief said.

“You can have disorderly conduct. You can also have assaulting a public servant. There are several charges that are being looked upon that are dependent on the videos we have received,” he said.

However, Johnson said Socorro ISD police will increase presence at future games to make sure there is not another incident but that parents should not be concerned about their safety.

“Unfortunately, the actions of a few usually dictate the result of what happens with police agencies. You know with school district and government itself, the people shouldn’t have any fear about going to the games to go see their loved ones play at any of the games.”

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