Writing thoughts away: Journaling as a mental health tool

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Journaling has become more than just writing what had happened throughout the day, it is also a useful tool helping us cope with an overwhelming year.

Isidro Torres, interim executive director at NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) El Paso, said there is no right or wrong way to journal, all you have to do is start and find what works best for you.

“It’s just a matter of becoming comfortable with it,” Torres said, explaining that it’s important to let your mind flow and not worry about the grammar. “I can do whatever I want with it and I will roll with it.”

He said journals can differ, depending on what we write in them. It can be our diary of daily activities, thought and feelings or a gratitude journal that helps one to stay positive and keep spirits up.

As a mental health advocate, Torres shared that he started writing a journal, but stopped after a while. He said that it doesn’t matter if you don’t continue, as long as you feel comfortable while you are doing it.

“Have a moment in a world where we are moving 100 miles per hour, have a moment where we kind of just sit down and are with our thoughts, because we don’t do that enough,” added Torres.

He said there are different mental health tools like meditation, yoga or exercise that can be combined to create the best outlet for your stress anxiety, along with journaling to help process your emotions.

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