Wooden tools used in unique El Paso therapy massage: Only on 9

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Wood Therapy is a growing trend and an El Paso spa owner is using an ancient tradition with a modern twist.

The owner of Massage N’ Spirit, Juan Estrada, started offering Wood Therapy after his clients started asking for it. He uses a variety of wooden tools to massage the body.

Estrada told KTSM Wood Therapy is an ancient Chinese tradition.

“But it didn’t start off as a body treatment per say for reducing fat rolls or anything. It was used to open up the energy of the body,” said Estrada.

He said it made its way to Latin America eventually spreading across the world.

This process is supposed to help contour the body. Estrada said it also helps reduce cellulite and even excess skin after weight loss. It can be painful and you may be sore after the treatment.

To get faster results, he said he combines techniques, using high frequency and negative ions.

“If you’ve ever gotten a facial, the last step that they’ll use is the high frequency on your face. High frequency meaning they are recharging the cells on your face to behave younger,” said Estrada. “The negative ions are cancelling out any inflamation in the body. The result is more stable and longer lasting.”

As a boy, his friend’s mothers would go across the border to Juarez to get this massage done. He started offering the service when clients reminded him of the unique massage.

Estrada said it’s not a magic treatment. Diet and excercise are still important to get results.

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