Wonder why Spring has a windy reputation?

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM) — As winter comes to an end and spring rolls in, windy conditions seem to be more relevant around the country, adapting the catchy name of ‘Spring Winds’.

There’s a Meteorological explanation to this. Wind itself is usually triggered by the changing of temperatures and pressure in our atmosphere. According to Mississippi State University professor Greg Nordstrom, winds can be triggered by a difference in pressure over a certain distance.

High-pressure will always flow towards low-pressure.

For example, the Borderland regularly sees low-pressure and high-pressure systems move through the area, and if there are one of each system in close proximity to each other in our region, friction between the two pressures build causing winds.

So why do we see windier conditions in spring and fall? There’s an easy explanation.

In spring, the earth is reciving more direct sunrays than what was previously seen in winter, and so the equinox begins, causing the surface to warm.

As the surface warms, air towards the surface begins to warm as well and the air particles begin to expand, have a lower density and rise.

While the warm air starts to rise, cooler air flows in and replaces it causing wind.

In the fall, the same system happens but in reverse.

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