One woman credits training for Mighty Mujer for getting her out of one of the difficult points in her life.  

Rachel Curtis, now participating in her third Mighty Mujer Triathlon, said the race is what got her moving everyday.

“It was really a lifeline in a very dark time in my life,” she said. 

Three years ago, Curtis was divorced and had just had a baby when she looked out her window.

“I was watching all these women just go on by on bikes,” she said. “I was like wow, this is really cool I think this is a sign”

Curtis decided it was time to get  back into shape with her baby. Walking turned to running, running into biking and finally, Curtis began to swim. The women in the race guided her the whole way.

“It’s really great, everyone is cheering you on and it’s all about girl power,” Curtis said.

This year, Curtis is now a sponsor, hoping to be the guiding light in a race that once helped her out of the darkness.