Woman rescues dogs as Borderland shelters close due to COVID-19

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Canutillo, Texas (KTSM) – Due to COVID-19, animal shelters in the Borderland are not accepting strays. Shelters are asking the public to help find any strays you find a home.

It’s something one Borderland resident has been doing for years.

What might appear to be a horse barn, is actually a temporary home to stray dogs. Dogs that Diane Avery takes in and helps find homes.

Diane Avery pets dogs she rescued.

Diane has been rescuing animals in need for three years — finding them homes locally and around the nation.

“Since January I have counted exactly but I would say there’s been close to probably 200 puppies that have come through here,” said Diane Avery the Director of I’m Almost Home Rescue.

She recently rescued a litter of puppies who were found abandoned in West El Paso. She is now working to find them homes.

Litter of puppies that were abandoned in West El Paso.

“Somebody had dumped them in a desert, in one of the parks at night, in a wet box. Seven are still alive and doing well. These were one to two-day-old puppies and you know they had to be bottle-fed around the clock,” said Avery. “So our goal is just to try and help alleviate and save as many as we can.”

Now not everyone can do what Diane does. Although, Animal Services of El Paso said if you find a stray pet, the best thing to do is help find the pets an owner. You can do so by hanging posters or taking the animal to the vet to see if it has a microchip.

While shelters are not accepting strays, for the time being, you can still adopt online or foster. Also if you need pet food and are unable to get any there are resources. You can find them by clicking here.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from I’m Almost Home Rescue you can call 915-241-7645.

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