EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The search for missing soldier Richard Halliday continues.

Halliday was last seen on post July 23.

Since then, his family said they have received dozens of leads from the community, but a woman has come forward with new information that has lead them to believe there is foul play involved in his disappearance.

In an exclusive interview with KTSM 9 News, an El Paso woman said she met a Fort Bliss soldier online that may know something about Halliday’s disappearance.

KTSM has changed her name to Jane to keep her anonymous at her request.

“I had been on some dating apps,” Jane said. “I found that I had matched with him.”

Jane said she initially lost touch with the soldier, but months later the two began to talk again.

KTSM is also concealing the soldier’s identity because he has not been charged with a crime or named a suspect.

Jane said almost one month ago, on Sept. 26, the two decided to meet.

“When we met at Sonic at Montana, I parked my car,” she said. “He told me it was better if I would just go into his car so we can order.”

Jane found herself in the passenger seat of the soldier’s car. The two ordered food, and when it came time to pay, Jane said she saw something that gave her the chills.

“When he opened his wallet, all his cards fell,” she said. “So when all the cards fell out, he grabbed one and said I need to hide this one. It’s from the missing soldier.”

Jane said she saw a blue and white credit card with the name Halliday on it. She said the soldier remained calm and relaxed and told her Halliday had fled to Cancun with his girlfriend.

She said the soldier told her he was doing Halliday a favor, and using the credit card so the military could think he was still in El Paso.

KTSM did reach out to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command. In a statement, CID responded:

“We are fully aware of the allegations and have conducted extensive investigative activity surrounding the allegations and continue to do so.”

Jane said that although she was scared and nervous, she came forward because it was the right thing to do.

The Army continues to offer a $25,000 reward for any information leading to Halliday’s whereabouts.

Halliday’s family continues to hold rallies in El Paso every day. They said they will never give up until their son is found.

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