William Beaumont Army Medical Center introduced a new and improved childbirth simulator to their hospital.

The high-tech simulator gives trainees a real life exercise to prepare them and new mothers for childbirth.

“You’re able to finesse your technique and learn so when the time comes where there is a patient we need to do this I’ve done it a dozen times already and I’m able to go off of muscle memory versus having to learn on a patient right off the bat,” Physician Edward Houston tells KTSM.

The goal of the simulator prepares not just the trainees’ readiness, but also the safety of Mom and baby. 

“This allows us to keep proficiency. Keep training on those scenarios even if they don’t happen as often and in that way we don’t affect patients safety,” Physician Samuel Cancel-Rivera shared.

Not only is this training provided for staff, it’s also available for medical students around the Borderland. 

“By the time you have to be treated at the hospital, you want to have a provider who is well qualified and rounded in their training,” Cancel-Rivera explained.

William Beaumont is one of the first hospitals in the military to have the simulator.