EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — One day after El Paso District Attorney Yvonne Rosales appeared in court for the Walmart shooing gag order hearing, her letter of resignation has been signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

“Under the advice of counsel, I plead the fifth amendment and assert my constitutional rights to remain silent,” said Rosales in court on Thursday to each question she was asked.

A portion of her resignation letter says, “it is with a heavy heart that I tender my letter of resignation”. Her resignation will be effective at 5 p.m. on Dec. 14. The next step is for Gov. Greg Abbott to appoint a new district attorney for El Paso.

“Governor Abbott is going to nominate someone who has experience because he releases whoever is the DA for this office will be in charge of the Walmart case so we’re not going to get someone who is inexperienced were not going to get someone who is unpracticed were probably going to get someone who is very good at their job,” said Todd Curry an Associate Professor of Political Science at UTEP.

The person selected by Abbott will finish Rosales’ two years, and if they wish they can then run in the next election. Abbott’s pick is expected to be a Republican.

“With two years of practice within the office, if for example the Walmart case goes very well, that might be a very lucrative position to be in terms of winning re-election in two years,” said Curry.

El Paso Judge Chris Antcliff speaking about the transition within the office once Gov. Abbott appoints a new D.A. Telling KTSM 9 News that the person appointed will be able to fire and hire in the office and he expects the chosen person to be ready on day one with a list of hires to resolve the issues in the office including the Walmart case.

“To build a team immediately, to begin moving the Crusius case forward to remedy all of the incompetence and problems that the district attorney’s office has had over the last two years,” said Antcliff.

Rosales turned over control of her office on Monday to her First Assistant District Attorney George Al Hanna, but he is only the interim until Gov. Abbott appoints a new D.A.

Attorney Bill Hicks could be a possible choice for the next district attorney. However, when approached by reporters he said he was not able to comment.