What Is Behind Kern Place ‘Chupacabra’ Sighting?

El Paso News

On Tuesday, a NewsChannel 9 viewer sent us photos and video of a strange animal roaming the Kern Place neighborhood and we’ll be honest… we asked “Is this a Chupacabra?”

There’s more to the animal sighting though. NewsChannel 9 contacted a representative with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department who not only confirmed that the animal is a coyote with mange, but it may be the animal that their department has been looking for the past several weeks.

As we first reported back in November, Kern Place has been plagued by coyote sightings and a few missing pets.

Tuesday morning, the coyote suffering from mange was sighted along Florence running toward Cincinnati and down the arroyo leading to the El Paso Tennis Club.

Captain Ray Spears with Texas Parks and Wildlife says that a previous sighting of a coyote with mange had been reported in West El Paso about three weeks ago. Since then, officials have been searching for the animal.

They advised residents in the area to call Texas Parks and Wildlife immediately if you spot this particular coyote and to never approach the animal. If you see this coyote please contact TPDW at (915) 834-7050.

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