Wednesday Weather On The Go: Above average warm temperatures today, winds return tomorrow

El Paso News

Dry and warm condtions will stay in the forecast once again for today, but changes come to our weather starting tomorrow.

Our warming trend will contonur today putting out temperatures in the mid 60s. Winds will also remain calm throughout the day as well. Mostly clear condtions are also expected in the forecast for today.

Our next storm system will come in from the west tomorrow meaning wind speeds are expecting to pick up to 15-20+ mph in the afternoon. We will also see humid air with this system that will increase rain chances to 10% Thursday night, and 20% on Friday morning.

Wind speeds will range from breezy to windy starting tomorrow, thoguhout the rest of the work week, and even into the weekend. Our most windy days look to be on Friday and Saturday.

Another storm system, again coming from our west, will come in on Sunday night. This system will increase rain chances ro 10% on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

This system will also bring in colder air that will drop us down from above average 60° temperatures on Monday, to the lower 50s by Tuesday.

As this cold air moves to the east, wind speeds will increase once again on Tuesday.

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