Weather on the go: Possible localized flooding is expected some Borderland areas

El Paso News

El Paso, TX (KTSM)- Thunderstorms shook the Borderland Thursday evening and Friday morning, providing the area with a good amount of registered rain.

El Paso stayed fairly dry for the majority of Thursday but, once the sunset 0.23 inches of rain was recorded into the early morning hours of Friday.

Deep moisture will stay in the area and humidity is expected to stay very high, between 40-90%.

Rain chances will remain at 40% for Friday and will slowly decrease day by day into the start of the following work week.

Temperature highs will stay seasonal today but just slightly below average.

Highs in Las Cruces and El Paso will range between 90-92°.

Strong winds, heavy downpours, and localized can be expected.

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